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invisible disability awareness

i see you!

did you know 1 in 10 people have an invisible disability?

Emily's Action Plan:


I See You & Miss Ohio Volunteer

My non-profit impact plan combined with the platform I have as Miss Northeastern Ohio will focus on changing the way we look at disabilities, inclusion, and diversity!


Educational Visits

Teaching children how to make safe & inclusive environments for their friends with disabilities that we can’t see is invaluable. This will include reading and providing copies of Ezra's Invisible Backpack to elementary school students.


Advocate & Educate

Promote, attend, and create events to advocate for accessibility resources through the I See You Project and support community engagement.


Community Growth Initiative

Working with lawmakers, educators, and medical professionals to see where we need to make substantial growth in our communities for those with invisible disabilities.

Emily's Action Plan
Why "I See You"?

Service is something that is integral to my life. When developing my platform, I always knew I wanted to create a non-profit. Over the summer of 2021, I hit the ground running making this dream come true. The hardest part was the name, what do you name something that is so important to you?

Family has always been important to me, and I spent some of summer 2021 with my almost two year old niece. Every morning in the car she'd look in the mirror and say with the biggest grin "I SEE YOU!". And I thought, what's better than telling someone invisible that they're seen?

From there the I See You Project was born!

About Me

Invisible Disability Advocate, President and Founder of the

I See You Project.

Miss Northeastern Ohio Volunteer,

a recent graduate of Kent State University, and so much more!

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